The LAE Labs are made up of five physical labs and three virtual labs. Certain labs are more or less appropriate for different kinds of research.


The general and phonetics laboratories maintain equipment for documenting articulatory speech behavior, recording speech, performing acoustic analysis, and running phonetic experiments.

The general and tracking laboratories house resources for experiments on sentence comprehension, sentence production, word recognition, and other areas of psycholinguistic research.


The general laboratory contains computational tools for performing statistical analysis and Machine Learning on language corpora and for doing connectionist modeling of linguistic behavior.

Child Language Acquisition
The acquisition laboratory has a child friendly atomosphere for observing children's language behaviours. It houses equipment for conducting preferential looking research.

SLAB has been optimized for running experiments with human participants to study various aspects of human language and communication. A BabyLab station is being set up to study the development of bilingualism in infants.

Lab users can also work with language corpora, perform conversation analysis, video analysis of speech behavior, etc.

Resources at the LAE Labs

  • Hardware
  • PsyScope button box
  • PST response box
  • Video recording and playing devices
  • Sound-attenuated booths for recording and conducting experiments
  • Static Palatography supplies
  • SMI RED250 remote eye-tracking system
  • MacQuirer Multi-channel device for studying articulation (e.g., oral airflow, nasal airflow)


Please see lab description for the General Lab and the Phonetics Lab.