From:Dave Carr, Executive Director Fest Hawaii

Welcome to Labor Fest Hawaii.

We are very excited introduce Labor Fest to Hawaii. Labor Fests have sprung up in many U.S. cities in recent years, with one of the largest being the month long Bay Area wide San Francisco Labor Fest. The event can include walking tours of historic labor sites, film showings, discussion panels, author presentations, and more, depending on how creative we can be!

You are here because of your interest in creating an event for this year’s Labor Fest. You will present the appropriate materials to Dave Carr, the Executive Director. 

About Labor Fest: 
Our goal is to promote awareness of labor issues and to promote activism by and solidarity between workers and working class people.

Your Role

As a volunteer for Labor Fest Hawaii you are helping to introduce this tradition to the Pacific. While no one can say if we’ll achieve the level of expansion seen in San Francisco, the possibilities exist for connections to Asia, the Pacific, and the West Coast of the United States and beyond. Hawaii has a rich labor history of its own, and the opportunities for island specific historical topics and activity are many.

As a committee volunteer we will need you to participate to the fullest of your ability, to meet deadlines, and to coordinate with your fellow committee members.

As you make your decisions and do your research, be sure to stay in touch with the Executive Director, reporting any progress and or problems/questions you may have.

Before you begin work, visit the Orientation to learn how to succeed here. You will be working in teams throughout your affiliation, so take the time to learn how to do it the right way.


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