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Make the ocean an even greater part of your life !! 

Through the Marine Option Program at Kauai Community College, or "MOP," students can explore their interests, learn more about the ocean, and gain certification of their achievements.  MOP is an academic subject certificate program.  In addition to completing 12 credits of course-work toward the certificate, students work with scientists and the community on marine or fresh water projects.  MOP has a long and distinguished history.  Across the state and the nation, graduates of the program at Kauai CC and other campuses in the UH System are employed in research, education, resource management, tourism, and more in both the public and private sector.

Course Requirements
Required Courses:
OCN 101: Introduction to the Marine Option Program (1-credit seminar)
OCN 199v: Marine Research (2-credit project)
OCN 201: Science of the Sea (3-credit regular course)

Elective courses (six units total required, including one lecture/lab pair):
CHEM 151/151L: Survey of Chemistry
CHEM 161/161L: General Chemistry I
GG 101/101L: Intro Geology + Lab
HWST 281: Polynesian Voyaging
MICR 130: General Microbiology
MICR 140: Microbiology Laboratory (also fulfills lab requirement)
OCN 120: Global Environmental Challenges
PHYS 151/151L: College Physics + Lab
PHYS 170/170L: General Physics + Lab
MARE 171/171L: Intro Marine Biology I + Lab
MARE 172/172L: Intro Marine Biology II + Lab
MARE 264 (UH Hilo field course - fulfills lab requirement)
MARE 364 (UH Hilo field course - fulfills lab requirement)
SCI 121/121L: Intro Science, Biological Science + Lab
SSCI 250: Ecology and Society

Independent Study Project (OCN 199v)
In OCN 101 or SCI 199v, students identify and propose a project related to marine or freshwater environments. Students then carry out the project in OCN 199v, often with the guidance of a mentor in the community. Instructor approval and written project plans are generally required prior to enrollment. Students are encouraged to present their findings at the annual University of Hawaii system-wide Marine Option Program Student Symposium. Many Kauai Community College students garnered special recognition at the symposium even while competing against dozens of mostly upper-division students at the other colleges and universities in the UH system.  

2011 – Best Internship Award “Surveys of nocturnal seabird collisions with communications towers at multiple Pacific Missile Range Facility sites on Kauai” by Keli Kleidosty
2011 – “Microbial source tracking in Nawiliwili Stream and Kalapaki Bay” by Zena Wetzel
2012 – “Larsen’s and Waipake beach marine debris accumulation surveys” by Jessica Austin
2012 – Marine Technology Award “Aquatic resource mapping” by Steven Cole
2012 – “An informational brochure to raise awareness of ciguatera poisoning on Kauai” by Ryan Harismendy
2012 – “Japanese tsunami marine debris: offshore boaters action” by Alison Katahira
2013 – Best Poster Award “Shoreline variation analysis of Kekaha beach” by Jin-Wah Lau
2013 – Best Internship Award “Groundwater contamination of Keʻe Lagoon” by Leah Kamōʻīokalani Sausen
2014 – “The story of sand along the Mana coastal plain” by Jana Rothenberg
2014 – “Data collection and digitization of beach nourishment activities at Waimea beach and Kikiaola small boat harbor” by Jesse Adams
2014 – “Japanese tsunami debris monitoring at Lepeʻuli and Waipake Beach” by Jessica Frost
2015 – Marine Technology Award “Honu identification project” by Natalie Baus
2016 – “Nawiliwili Stream and Kalapaki Beach User Survey” by Vannghi Vo

For more information, contact the KCC Marine Option Program Coordinator, Dr. Taylor.

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