ENG100: Composition I

  • Prerequisites: "C" or higher in ENG 22 or acceptable writing placement test score.
  • Course Description: This course introduces students to the essential rhetorical, conceptual, and stylistic demands of writing in Standard American English at the college level. Instruction in composing processes, research strategies, and writing from sources is a focus of the course. The course also provides students with experiences in the library and on the internet to enhance their skills in accessing and using various types of primary and secondary materials. Students will engage in research activities, evaluate sources, and apply the principles of college writing to produce substantial college-level compositions, building foundation skills for writing in courses across the college curriculum.
  • Contact Information: jmexia@hawaii.edu, 808-245-8345, twitter.com/da_teacha_is_me, facebook.com/JeffreyMexia