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Cultural Anthropology - ANTH 200 - 

"Our Diverse World" - Cable TV Course


ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology is the first course in the Anthropology for many students.   can earn three core credits in the Social Sciences towards your college degree.

A Telecourse shows the Lessons to you at home via Cable TV.  You can contact the instructor for help by phone, email and visit in person during weekday office hours.  Three tests are held on the HCC campus and at UH Community College Testing Centers on the Neighbor Islands.

This Cultural Anthropology course allows you to explore some of the many interesting peoples of the world and other topics in anthropology.

  • Food Foraging peoples like the San Bushmen and the BaMbuti Pygmies
  • Farmers like the Yanomamo and the Balinese
  • Pastoralists like the Nuer and the Sherpa
  • Religion and Magic
  • Art and Music
  • Politics and Economics
  • The Future of Humanity!

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- Course Syllabus - A200T-Syllabus.pdf

- Course Schedule - A200T-Schedule.pdf

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- How to Write an Absolutely Great Research Paper - HowToWrite.pdf

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TextbookWebsite - Haviland's Cultural Anthropology - 13th edition

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