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Rob Edmondson

Asst. Professor of Anthropology - Retired 2016!

University of Hawaii

Honolulu Community College



(The Hawaiian word for Rainbow)

A symbol of the diversity and blending of cultures and peoples in Hawaii and the Pacific. 

This gives us our strength and helps us survive - 

by helping each other learn and share our rich multi-cultural, multi-ethnic heritage!

Aloha kakou, e komomai

(Welcome Everyone, Come on in!)

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I hope you enjoy seeing what anthropology does here in Hawaii and the other Pacific Islands.

Here I will share with you news about - the courses I teach - student groups at our college - topics in anthropology I love - 

fine organizations in Hawaii and the Pacific - and news about the cultures I have studied in the Pacific and elsewhere.

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How You Can Contact Me:

Asst. Professor: Rob Edmondson - Retired 2016!

Help: for Kokua (Help) - Please email:


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 Anthropology Classes at Our College: 

?? Why Take an Anthropology Class ??

 You can click on the link to see more information and the course syllabus.

 Anth 135 - Web Class - Pacific Island Peoples

 Anth 151 - on Campus - Emerging Humanity

 Anth 200 - on Campus - Cultural Anthropology

 Anth 200 - Cable TV Class - Cultural Anthropology

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 Some Links to Student Groups at Our College: 

 You can click on these links to see some of the recent activities our students have been having fun learning with: 

 Po’i Nā Nalu - Native Hawaiian Programs 

Phi Theta Kappa - Our College's Chapter of the National Honor Society 

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 Some Web Links for the Field of Anthropology: 

 You can click on these links to see some of the best anthropology sites: 

UH Manoa - Anthropology Department 

Anthropology Links - from Texas A & M University 

The Pacific Islands Report Website 

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 Some Web Links for You to Explore: 

 You can click on these links to see some wonderful websites: 

 Want to Help Others? 

 Want to Study or Work Abroad? 

 Want some Ideas for Anthropology Special Projects? 

 Want to Visit Really Different Cultures? 

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