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- Emerging Humanity -
ANTH 151 - Laulima Web Class

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ANTH 151 - Emerging Humanity Meets the goals of the Global and Multicultural Perspectives Foundations Requirement and credit transfers to all University of Hawaii campuses. So, it fulfills the same UH requirement as a HIST 151 class.

ANTH 151 introduces you to human biological evolution and the archaeology of culture in the world prior to AD 1500. This college-level course is designed to help you learn about some of the recent scientific discoveries about OUR OWN SPECIES.

  • You will learn some ways scientists study people today and our ancestors who lived before AD 1500.
  • You will explore both facts and theories about our own biological and cultural heritage.
  • You will explore the lifestyles of several different peoples alive today.
  • You will investigate where WE are today, where WE are going tomorrow, and how WE and our ancestors fit into the total picture of life here . . . into the ecology of our SPACESHIP EARTH.

This Web Class gives all the Lessons to you at home via your own internet computer, or you may use computers on the internet at any UH campus. So, no need to come to campus, except to take two required Tests. UH Testing Centers are available on the Neighbor Islands.

You can contact the Instructor via Laulima and by phone, email, fax and visit in person too. Written work is turned in by email or by posting to the Laulima website.

In this first year Anthropology class you will explore some of the many interesting peoples of the world and how they have developed before AD 1500, and details about their cultures, and topics including:

  • Archaeology and History
  • Primates and Human Evolution
  • Food Foraging People
  • Early Food Production and Warfare
  • Religion and Politics
  • Arts and Music
  • Poverty and Wealth
  • The Future of Civilization -
  • (And what we can do about it!)

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Check out the basic plan for this web course:

  • Most of the class is done on the web using a computer.
  • You may enroll, participate and earn credit from almost anywhere in the world.
  • The Instructor is available most days via email, phone, fax and in person on campus.
  • You get the well-written texts through the campus bookstore.
  • Lessons and tasks or quizzes are done each week using [Lauliima].
  • (Laulima is a web learning environment used by many colleges and universities - known as [Sakai] on the Mainland.)
  • You can use the Laulima [Discussion Areas], [MailTool], [Chat Rooms] and [Practice Quizzes]
  • to share information with classmates and the Instructor.
  • Two required Tests are given on the HonCC campus, or at a UHCC campus on the Neighbor Islands.
  • You may do extra credit Special Projects to improve your grade.
  • You may go on optional, Extra Credit Treks to visit pre-historic Hawaiian sites with the Instructor.
  • You may earn Extra Credit by trekking to historic sites on the web including the Pyramids, Alexander's Palace, Peking's Forbidden City, etc.

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To see what the course is like, just click on the link below: - (easy print pdf)

- Course Syllabus - Fall 2013 - A151W-Syl-f13.pdf

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For helpful information, just click on the link below: - (easy print pdf)

How to Write an Absolutely Great Research Paper - HowToWrite.pdf

How to Do Better in College - R1-DoBetter.pdf

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