A. Requirements

You are being asked to produce a personal statement. Keep in mind the purpose of the assignment, which is to describe yourself and a life experience as a way of selling your desirability as an intern. This should be descriptive, clearly written, and organized.

Action Plan:
  1. Brainstorm characteristics of a good intern. This will be done individually and together.
  2. Brainstorm experiences in your life that may relate to the above characteristics. 
  3. Carefully read the sample Reflection essays assigned.
  4. Draft a personal statement.
    1. The draft of your personal statement will be shared with team members for review.
    2. It should be 600-800 words long, in MLA format.
    3. You are required to bring the assigned number of copies of your draft for review.
  5. Peer Review the personal statement.
    1. You will earn points based on the feedback you give your team members.
  6. Edit and submit your final personal statement.
    1. Your final draft should be 600-800 words in MLA format.
Tips for Success:
This is a professional document, and should be taken seriously. Take care with how you present yourself so that your reader understands, likes, and agrees with you. To put your best foot forward:
  • You may not use slang or profanity
  • You should not use contractions (can't vs cannot)
  • Use appropriate format (MLA format, with appropriate paragraph breaks)
  • Take care to use a serious tone