General Interests

I have broad interests in behavioral ecology, community ecology, and conservation of Hawaiian forests and forest birds.  The relationships between habitat variables and bird distribution, abundance, and demography as they relate to the conservation of Hawaiian forest birds have been a major theme of much of my past and current research.  Our lab strives to address hypotheses with a broad perspective, and uses techniques from various biological disciplines such as behavioral ecology, population biology, and vegetation ecology.

Graduate Students

The Big Island of Hawaii is internationally recognized as an excellent natural biological lab, making UH Hilo wonderfully situated for graduate students interested in conducting ecological research.  Please follow this link to the Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Sciences (TCBES) graduate program at UH Hilo.  Most years I am a primary advisor for five to seven graduate students.  I am not currently looking for new graduate students but am always willing to creatively discuss future possibilities!

Undergraduate Opportunities 
I encourage undergraduates to become involved with my research and am quite happy to mentor motivated students.  The type of research conducted in our lab is well-suited for undergraduate internships and Directed Studies projects.  There are also various opportunities at UH Hilo for undergraduate research experiences, such as REU, PIPES, and NAPIRE programs.