The Kipaipai Program

The Kipaipai Program at Kaua`i Community College

Here at KCC, we are committed to helping our students succeed in their education by providing support services and resources to assist them on their journey. The first year of college is so critical in laying the foundation for a student's success that KCC created the Kipaipai Program as a first year experience (FYE) program to ensure that every student has the support needed to have an amazing first year of college. "Kipaipai" means to encourage; to inspire.

The Kipaipai Program seeks to help students to succeed both academically and personally through a comprehensive set of activities, courses, and one-on-one support. Nationwide studies have shown that students who participate in first year experience programs tend to have a higher grade point average (g.p.a.), are more likely to complete their degree program, and are more likely to take advantage of campus resources.

The Kipaipai Application for 2015-16 closed August 13, 2015 at 4pm. 
We will begin accepting applications for the 2016-17 school year in March 2016.

All NEW First Year - Classified students starting in the fall 2015 semester are eligible to participate. Students in the Wai`ale`ale Project will receive support directly from the Wai`ale`ale FYE Program and are, therefore, not eligible for the Kipaipai FYE Program.

Students who participate in The Kipaipai Program will receive the following:

  • $450 scholarship for each semester that the participant meets the requirements of The Kipaipai Program.
    • Students who meet all the requirements will receive $450 at the beginning of each semester to use for tuition and fees, books, or supplies. This amount is roughly the equivalent of the cost of one (3 credit) course and a textbook.
    • Students may receive the scholarship if they meet all of the requirements listed below for up to three consecutive semesters ($1,350 total).
  •  Transitions Coordinator Support
    • The Transitions Coordinator will be in contact with participants and their instructors throughout the school year to provide support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • First Year Experience handbook
    • The guidebook for "How to Succeed at College"
    • Full of How-to's, Tips, Definitions, and Deadlines
  • Peer Mentor support
    • We have assembled an AWESOME team of second and third year students who will help you navigate the first year.

Requirements of Kipaipai Program participants:
  •  Maintain contact with Kipaipai Program staff regarding progress in classes and instructor feedback
  • Attend one Success Workshop each semester

To Join the Kiapaipai Program, just submit a quick application and complete the first four tasks in the above link. No special minimum requirements to join!

For more information, contact: Rebecca Yund, Transition Coordinator at 245-8383 or email