The aim of our work is to create innovative tools which expand the ability of ocean science to explore, understand and protect the marine environment. To accomplish this, we pursue projects focused on autonomous vehicles, underwater navigation, and instrumentation applied to the ocean environment. Advances in these areas require research in a variety of topics: dynamics, control, estimation, acoustic signal processing, probabilistic robotics, instrumentation and mechatronics. 

The ultimate goal of this work is to deploy these systems in the field to do new science. Toward this end we continue to participate in oceanographic expeditions around the world through an ongoing collaborations a variety of scientific organizations.

January 2014: New UPSV Video

UPSV: Unmanned Port Security Vehicle from Manoa Productions on Vimeo.

October 2013: UPSV Demonstration for USCG

March 2013: UPSV Demonstration for DHS

A video of the UPSV Mark II prototype