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Fisheries Stock Assessment Workshop

posted Jan 8, 2014, 4:39 PM by Erik Franklin

Last month, graduate student Zack Oyafuso attended the Introduction to Fisheries Stock Assessment workshop (December 9-13) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Here is his account of the workshop.

The 5-day short course was led by Dr. Juan Valero from the Center for the Advancement of Population Assessment Methodology (CAPAM). The group was a hodgepodge of folks with a wide range of stock assessment experience, including graduate students like me, research technicians, professionals with diverse research topics, fishery scientists with years of experience, and resource managers.

It was a blast! I learned the basics of statistical modeling and the applications of modeling to fisheries science. The workshops consisted of lectures in the morning and hands-on computer labs in the afternoon, so it was a productive way of applying the topics in the lectures to actual data. Surplus production and yield-per-recruit models were the two types of analyses dominantly discussed, with Bayesian and Stock Synthesis models lightly covered. Overall, the course was a wonderful introduction to stock assessment and has encouraged me to study further into fisheries science. I would definitely recommend the course for anyone with an interest in fisheries stock assessment, even with little to no experience in statistical modeling or fishery science.

Check out for more information about the workshop and CAPAM.