Frequently Asked Questions about Thai 101, Thai 103 & Thai 105

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Q: Is Thai 101 being offered in Fall 2017? 
A: Thai 101 will not be offered in Fall 2017. This 4 credit integrated skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) First Level Thai course is now replaced by a set of "new" two 2 credit courses (Thai 103 Conversational Thai I AND Thai 105 Reading and Writing Thai I) to be taken concurrently in the same semester. The co-requisite for Thai 103 is Thai 105.

Q:  The co-requisite for Thai 103 is Thai 105 means that the students have to take both at the same time? 
A: Yes, students enrolling in Thai 103 are required to take Thai 105 simultaneously with Thai 103 in the same semester.
In Fall 2017 

Thai 105 is offered both as an ONLINE class (Section 2) and a traditional face-to-face class (Section 1). Students may enroll in either section.

Q:  Do Thai 103 and Thai 105 count towards foreign language requirement?
A: Yes. Both Thai 103 and Thai 105 are designated as General Education's Hawaiian or Second Language (HSL) courses.

Q:  If I already have basic conversation ability in Thai but cannot read and write Thai and am interested in taking Second 
Level or upper level Thai to fulfill foreign/second language requirement, can I take Thai 105 only? 
A: Yes. Only Thai 103 has the co-requisite requirement. There is no co-requisite requirement for Thai 105.