Welcome to the Electrical Installation and Maintenance website!

Electricity has become a necessity of everyday life on the island of Kaua’i. We take it for granted until it is gone and no longer available. Even during our local power outages we depend on battery operated equipment to meet our needs. A workforce of many occupations is the backbone of the system so we can live a life with the comforts of this energy source without realizing it is always available at our beckoning call. If you look at the energy system on the island six major electrical occupations exists to make sure that energy is available to all.
  1. Linemen and Utility Engineers
    Install and maintain the distribution and transmission lines that move power from the power plant to the hotels, business, or home. 

  2. Journey-Person Electrician
    Install the service, feeders and branch circuits on construction sites. These circuits provide power, lighting, controls and other electrical equipment in small businesses, commercial and industrial construction sites on the island.

  3. Security, Fire and Telecommunication Installer Technicians
    Install circuits and equipment for telephones, computer networks, video distribution systems, security and access control systems and other low voltage systems under 50 Volts. 

  4. Residential Wiremen
    Specialize in installing all of the electrical systems in single-family and multi-family houses or dwellings.
  5. Solar Installation Technician
    Installs solar photovoltaic panels, racks, inverters and equipment vital to the renewable energy resources available on the island.

  6. Maintenance Electricians and Facility Engineers
    Maintain the systems after installation and keep the systems in top working condition.How can I get a job in one of these occupations?
There are many minor occupations that require a knowledge of how electricity works to perform tasked associated with that trade. Individual certificates are available to meet those needs. including how to maintain and repair electrical equipment. Installation of solar energy systems. Automation and PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers)  in Industrial Motor Controls are just a few of the topics covered.