Dunn Geophysical Lab


My group is involved in several areas of marine geophysical research that revolve around studies of mid-ocean ridge, hot spot, and subduction systems.

Study sites include the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Reykjanes Ridge, the Arctic Mohns Ridge, the East Pacific Rise, the Tonga-Lau subduction and back-arc spreading systems, Iceland, and Hawaii.

We are dedicated to developing geophysical techniques to explore these systems, including active-source and passive-source seismic imaging (tomography).

In addition, we are using ocean bottom seismograph recordings to study whale populations and ocean acoustic properties.

Undergraduate Courses
    GG101: Dynamic Earth
    GG304: Physics of the Earth and Planets 
    GG450: Geophysical Methods
    GG399: Directed Reading
    GG499: Undergraduate Thesis 

Graduate Courses
    GG610: Graduate Seminar
    GG611: Introduction to Geology
    GG630: Numerical Modeling
    GG631: Solid, Fluid, & Wave Mechanics
    GG635: Seismology
    GG685: Inverse Theory
    GG699: Directed Research
    GG700: Thesis Research
    GG800: Dissertation Research