CEU Certificate and Digital Badge Criteria (2015 cohort)

Participants who received a badge completed an Interaction Roundup for every session that reflects their interaction with colleagues and their online learning of pedagogy in activities or discussions on this topic.

CEU Hours:
In order to gain the CEU credit, one requirement is to fulfill a minimum of 10 contact hours during the class, which means participants have to attend all five webinar sessions (10 hrs) and join discussion and activities during the webinar. If a participant is not able to attend all five webinars, please contact the instructor, Bridget Beaver ( ), to make alternative arrangements for fulfillment of the contact hours requirement. Please note each participant is allowed to miss only one session. If you need to miss a whole session or even part of a session, you will be asked to watch the recorded footage of the missed webinar (available under “Dig Deeper” in Ted Ed lessons) and complete a Webinar Summary Report.

Tasks for Certificate and Badge:
Participation in the course and completion of each Interaction Roundup provides evidence that the badge recipient:
  • Learned about basic types of online interaction and online activity design;
  • Participated substantively and collegially in all discussion threads posted on topics related to online interaction in language learning, design, and implementation by posting responses to discussion prompts in Ted Ed lessons;
  • Completed a reflective Interaction Roundup (3-2-1) for each session.

Due Date
November 15th, 2015.