From:Cardiac Care Clinic Medical Director
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Welcome to Cardiac Care Clinic. I would like to personally welcome you to the company.

We are very excited to have reached a funding level that allows us to hire a team of medical assistants. In your first months here, you will learn about the cardiovascular system, research relevant cardiovascular diseases, take vital signs and interpret data, create and deliver presentations as case studies for patients . These assignments may take you out of your comfort zone and push you to think in new ways. However, we are certain that the excitement of solving these challenges will more than make up for the difficulties you might encounter.

We expect each of you to make the patient’s needs your priority by contributing to your team and producing quality, finished products on time. We have worked hard to develop a reputation for excellence. We are currently the leader in cardiovascular prevention in the Hawaiian Islands. We hope to be a model for health care management and prevention in the pacific region within the next five years. I hope you will be an integral part of helping us reach that goal.

About Cardiac Care Clinic
We are a premier cardiac care prevention and treatment center. We specialize in providing the latest expertise in heart and vascular services for all stages of life, from birth to adulthood. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive and the highest quality care to every patient, every time for the people of Hawaii.

Your Role
Our excellent reputation is spreading. As a result, we have been funded by the Hawaii State Department of Health to screen high-risk population for signs of heart diseases and stroke - the Healthy Heart program. Hence, we need to hire a new team of medical assistants to offer these services.

We are looking for individuals who demonstrate knowledge of the cardiovascular system, possess excellent communication skills, and, most importantly, work collaboratively in a team to care for patients professionally and ethically.

Before you begin
As part of the your orientation process, you will be asked to carry out a series of tasks to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field of cardiology. It is imperative to stay in close contact with your supervisor. Work with your supervisor; seek feedback on each task so your team can provide the highest quality care.

Before you begin the tasks, visit the Orientation to learn how to succeed here. You will be working in teams throughout your process , so take the time to learn how to do it the right way.

  • Explore Working with Tasks to better understand why and how we define and solve problems and tasks.
  • Work your way through the information in Working in Teams to get your team off to a better start.
  • Plan to check back regularly -- New material is added to the Orientation section as needed.

Your supervisor will assign specific Tasks & Assignments for you or your team to complete. Follow the task link on the left to discover the details of each task. Be certain to review the Requirements section for each task or sub-task before you embark on your solution.

Our R&D assistant has gathered Resources for you to reference as you complete the Tasks assigned. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please post them to the comment area below the pertinent Resources page.

After you have completed each task, review Debrief questions to confirm your learning and understanding of the task.

This is a fast-paced working environment. I hope you will enjoy and be up to the challenge. Welcome aboard! 

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