About the Schedule page: Your lesson modules website is simply an online book of topics, lessons, and activities, but it doesn't indicate when to do what. Feel free to use this handy schedule table to help you plan your lessons and activities throughout the semester. It also serves as a sort of "table of contents" that maps out what students are to do and when. In the "Topic / Lesson" column, we recommend that you hyperlink the lesson to the lesson's page in your site so students can easily jump to that particular lesson for the day. SEE AN EXAMPLE

The schedule is subject to change.

Week Month Day Date Topic / Lesson  Description
1  MayTuesday23 Class MeetingOrientation/Introduction
  Thursday25 Chapt 1 Due The Foundation of Business
2   Sunday28Chapt 2 DueBusiness Ethics and Social Responsibility
Tuesday30 Class Meeting Chapter 1 & 2 Discussion

 JuneThursday 1 Chapt 6 Due Managing for Business Success
3   Sunday4 Chapt 7 Due Recruiting, Motivating, and Keeping Quality Employees
  Tuesday6 Class Meeting Chapter 6 & 7 Discussion

  Thursday8 Chapt 8 Due Managing for Business Success
4  Sunday11 Chapt 12 Due The Role of Accounting in Business
 Tuesday 13 Class Meeting Chapter 8 & 12 Discussion

 Thursday 15 Chapt 3 Due Business In A Global Environment
5   Sunday18 Chapt 4 Due Selecting a Form of Business Ownership
   Wednesday 21 Chapt 5 DueWhat Is An Entrepreneur? 
   Saturday 24 Chapt 9 Due What Is Marketing?
  Tuesday27 Chapt 10 Due Product Design and Development
   Thursday 29 Final Exam