Digital Badge and CEU Credit Criteria (2017 Cohort)

Participants who meet the criteria listed below can earn a digital badge and a CEU credit. 

Digital Badge
The Assessment badge certifies that the badge recipient:
  • Learned about assessment in online language courses;
  • Attended at least four live webinars;
  • Participated substantively and collegially in discussions and activities during live webinars; 
  • Posted responses to discussion prompts in all TED-Ed lessons;
  • Completed a reflective 3-2-1 Assessment Roundup for each webinar session.
Note: See the Q&A Page for instructions on how to complete your required badge tasks.

CEU Credit 
Participants who meet all the criteria listed under "Digital Badge" above can be eligible to earn continuing education unit (CEU) credit. In order to earn the CEU credit, one requirement is to fulfill a minimum of 10 contact hours during the class, which means participants have to attend all five webinar sessions (10 hrs) and join discussions and activities during the webinars. Please note each participant is allowed to miss only one session. If you need to miss a whole session or even part of a session, you will be asked to watch the recorded footage of the missed webinar (available in TED-Ed lessons) and complete a Webinar Summary Report.

If you are from the North Carolina Virtual Public School, you will automatically be considered for CEU credit. If you are from a school OTHER than North Carolina Virtual Public School and you wish to earn CEU credit, please contact Stephen Tschudi at sfleming (at) hawaii dot edu and provide the name, title, and contact info (phone and/or email) of the supervisor who will be responsible for approving/awarding your professional development credit. 

Completion Due DateNovember 6, 2017.