Composition I


Create an essay for publication in an anthology using a multi-step writing process, and that is supported by appropriate research materials.


Ever wondered how a trend started and how long it would last? Who or what was responsible for making dreadlocks in Hawaii so contagious? Will people still have dreadlocks come 2050? In the next six weeks, you will have the opportunity to investigate and follow a trend from start to future. During the semester you will get to talk to a bunch of people about your trend of interest and to use the writing process to paper trail and formally present your ultimate findings! Groovy!

The Problem 

You are a social forecaster for the state of Hawaii trying to get your written piece published in Hawaii 2050 (an anthology with predictions of the future of Hawaii based on trends). Identify a trend that you believe is happening in Hawaii. Assume that the editors of Hawaii 2050 have no idea that the trend you are writing about even exists! Brief the editors on your trend by providing them with the basic details that define your trend. To convince the editors that your trend isn’t a total quack, use charts, statistics, interviews and/or other researched materials to support the existence of your trend. To qualify the significance of your trend, create a sound prediction of how your trend will impact Hawaii come 2050.


Phase I Choose your trend!
1. In your team of four people, identify and describe a list of trends in Hawaii (then pick one trend to focus on).
2. Dear Diary: What are your predictions on what you will learn about your trend?  What questions or concerns about the process of putting together your project do you have thus far?

Phase II Gather Information

1. Investigate: Where are you seeing your trend?  What are most people saying about your trend?
a. Where and how has your trend has appeared in the media in Hawaii ?
b. Create and execute a survey. 

2. Find two people that are experts on the  trend for the team to use to gather information (Refer to class list "credible sources").
3. Dear Diary: What was the most valuable information you gained from talking with people about your trend?  What group of people did you think provided the most valuable information about your trend?

Phase III Why should I trust your information?

1. Defend your information to the Hawaii 2050 editors! 
a. Summarize one of your written sources
b. Rhetorically analyze a source of your choice (separate from the source you summarized) 

2. Check Point!

Phase IV Present

1. Present your findings to the public
a. A brief presentation using approved multi-media
b. Research paper
2. Dear Diary: Describe the processes that you went through to complete your research paper.  What parts in Phase III helped you the most with putting together your final product?

In Between Phases: Life Line!  Use a combination of these two resources throughout the four phases to help you along the way.
1. Visit the LRC (Phase III -IV)
2. Face to face conference(s) with me (Phases I-IV)

Phase V Final Inspection and Reflection

1.View each groups’ presentations
2. Participate in a Q&A session via Laulima forum

3. Dear Diary: What were some of the questions that your peers asked about your presentation that stood out to you the most and why?  Which "life line" was most beneficial in helping your polish your final product?  Did your end product match your predictions that you wrote in Phase I? What were some of the questions that your peers asked about your presentation that you disagreed with and why?

Phase VI Ta-Da!

Create a single platform to put together all of the groups’ findings in the form of a class anthology.

Rubrics for Assessments

Argumentative Essay Rubric 

Resource Links

A list of additional resources/links related to the week's topic for the students' reference or for extension.
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