Tuition & Fees



(per credit)


(per credit)


(per semester)

Fall 2017/Spring 2018
$340.00 *
$54.00 **




(per credit)


(per credit)


(per semester)

Summer 2017

Refer to the college catalog for other fees.

Non-resident tuition may vary between Community College campuses *

** Activity Fee: $30 -- Bus Pass Fee: $24 **  (Fees are subject to change without prior notice)



When enrolled in Distance Education classes on neighboring islands within the UH system, those classes are not "automatically" paid for by Financial Aid. Students will receive a Financial Aid stipend. This stipend should be used to pay for each Distance Education class taken on any neighboring islands.

In accordance with University concurrent enrollment policy, students enrolling at multiple campuses during the same term pay the applicable tuition for each campus.

The Business Office will only accept payments made by cash, checks, or debit cards. Payments by checks, debit cards or credit cards can also be made online via the MyUH Portal.

You will be issued a Student Schedule/Bill after your tuition and fees are paid. The schedule/bill lists all courses you are officially registered for and should be brought to class and the Bookstore as proof of registration. New Student Schedule/Bills are issued whenever you add or drop courses.



A $30.00 activity fee is charged to both residents and non-residents for the Fall/Spring terms.

Bus Pass

A $24.00 bus pass fee is charged to both residents and non-residents for the Fall/Spring terms.

Kaulana Bus Pass (KPASS) Fee
Fees are used to support subsidized public transportation services negotiated with the County of Kaua`i that allows student fee payers unlimited bus rides in exchange for payment of the mandatory fee amounts as negotiated. This public transportation program will take into effect for all registered, pending approval.

Terms of the public transportation services will be reviewed by Kaua`i Community College and the County of Kaua`i for successive contract renewals and negotiations.


A $25.00 application fee is charged to applicants determined to be non-residents at the time of application.

Course Changes

Should you see a counselor to add or drop courses, a $5 change fee is charged (from the late registration period) for every change processed. There is no charge for a transaction done on the web, nor for a withdrawal from the last course at the student's home institution.

Dishonored Checks

A $25.00 service charge will be assessed for each check which is made out to the University of Hawai`i and is returned for any cause.

Student Schedule/Bill

A $2.00 duplicating fee is charged for each copy.


A fee of $15.00 is payable at the time the student submits the Graduation Application.

Hawaiian Language Diploma

A $15.00 fee is charged for a Hawaiian Language Diploma. This diploma is in addition to, and not an alternative for, the regular English language diploma.

Late Registration

A fee of $30.00 is charged when a student registers after the last day of regular registration for the Fall/Spring terms ($10.00 for Summer term).

Cable TV

A fee may be charged when a student registers in a course offered via cable television to recover the amount of any per student charge required under a license agreement or contract for use of copyrighted television courseware.


  • A $5.00 fee is charged for each transcript that is sent to another college outside the University of Hawai`i system or for student copies. Transcripts are processed within seven working days.
  • A $15.00 fee is charged for all "rush" transcripts (processed within 24 hours), sent within or outside of the University of Hawai`i system or for student copies.
  • DO NOT send transcripts within the UH system (exception: send transcripts if you attended KCC prior to Fall 1986 - no fee required, except for "RUSH").
  • Transcripts are sent via U.S. Postal Service only. Processing time of all transcripts includes production but not mailing/delivery time.

Other Educational Records

A $2.00 fee is charged for each copy of any other educational record requested by a student.