Academy for Creative Media 
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The Academy for Creative Media Student Association (ACMSA) is a Registered Independent Organization (RIO) at the University of Hawaii Manoa (UHM).

The ACMSA is the student association for the Academy for Creative Media (ACM) which is an undergraduate bachelor's program at UHM.  ACM falls under the College of Arts & Humanities.

We strive to connect ACM Student filmmakers with each other and others in the community to collaborate and produce student films.

Conference Room
MTWF - 5pm-7pm
Thursday - 6pm-9pm
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Upcoming Events

In January students from Layola Marymount University will be filming their thesis film her in Hawaii. Th ACMSA is happy to announce that many of us have volunteered to volunteer on their crew and thus we are helping them to publicize their casting calls. If you are interested in being on crew please send them an e-mail as well
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EuroCinema Hawaii Student Film Award

Congratulations to writer and director Erin Lau who won the Eurocinema best student film award for her film Little Girl's War Cry that was filmed in the Cook Islands as part of the FilmRaro Competition this past summer!!
Photo Credit: Kurt Loney

Congratulations to all student filmmakers who were nominated!

Hawaii International Film Festival

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the students of the Academy of Creative Media Program and the Shanghai University students! We hope you enjoyed our films!  If you have any feedback please let us know what you think: