Welcome to the Accounting Program at Kauai Community College! 
Accounting is considered the language of business--an integral part of every organization.

The Accounting Program provides a strong foundation to prepare you for success in pursuing both your academic goals and employment in the accounting industry. Our instructors are active, licensed Certified Public Accountants in Hawaii each with over 20 years of experience.

Classroom teaching methods are modernized using technology, and we emphasize interactive learning which include field trips, guest speakers from industry, collaborative projects, and numerous in-class activities. Our internship course provide valuable work experience for future employment, and help bridge the gap between acquired academic knowledge and industry application.

We provide exceptional learning experiences that prepare students for successful careers in the Accounting industry which include jobs in bookkeeping, payroll processing, tax preparation, and office assisting. Pursuing a four-year degree further opens work opportunities in forensic accounting, data analytics, global accounting management, and financial planning. There are many, many facets to accounting which can lead to a variety of accounting careers.

We offer area specific Certificates which build into the two-year Associate's Degree, and have options for continuing on to a four-year Bachelor's Degree. See our Program Overview for more information.

"Aim High"

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