Heidi Goodson
Visiting Assistant Professor
Haverford College

**As of Fall 2018, I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Brooklyn College**

I'm a Visiting Professor of Mathematics at Haverford College. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a PhD in Mathematics in May 2016.

My research lies in the field of number theory and in particular focuses on the relationship between special functions and arithmetic properties of algebraic varieties. More specifically, my research to date has focused on using finite field hypergeometric functions to give point count formulas for families of algebraic varieties over finite fields and to study the relationship between certain period integrals and the trace of Frobenius of these varieties. I co-organize the Philadelphia Area Number Theory Seminar at Bryn Mawr College.

For more info on the the things I like to teach and math I like to do, see my CV (last updated: August 2017).

When I'm not doing math, I'm usually riding a bike. I race with a small group of fast and smart women on Mathletes Racing. For more info on the bikes I like to ride and race, please stop by my office and ask me! 

Journal Articles:
  1. "Sato-Tate Groups of Trinomial Hyperelliptic Curves," (with M. Emory and A. Peyrot). In preparation.
  2. "Hypergeometric Properties of Genus 3 Generalized Legendre Curves". Accepted. To appear in Journal of Number Theory. Preprint.
  3. "A Complete Hypergeometric Point Count Formula for Dwork Hypersurfaces," Journal of Number Theory. October 2017. Preprint.
  4. "Hypergeometric Functions and Relations to Dwork Hypersurfaces," International Journal of Number Theory. March 2017. Preprint
  5. "Effective Congruences for Mock Theta Functions," (with N. Andersen, H. Friedlander, and J. Fuller), Mathematics. 2013; 1(3):100-110. Preprint