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9: Scribes and Printers

Digital Facsimiles:

  • The Gutenberg Bible, from The Morgan Library, New York, NY. Find It
  • Ottaviano Petrucci, Odhecaton (Venice, 1501). Library of Congress, Washington, DC. [IMSLP.org]: Find It
  • Jacques Arcadelt, Il Primo libro di madrigal a quattro voci (Venice, 1597 edition). British Library, London [Early Music Online]: Find It
  • Les Chansons nouvelles of Nicolas Du Chemin, 1549-1567. Facsimiles, Editions, Commentaries, ed. Richard Freedman and Philippe Vendrix. Centre des Etudes Supériéures de la Renaissance, Tours, France: IMAGE ARCHIVE AND TRANSCRIPTIONS 
  • The Lost Voices Project. Digital Critical Editions, Analysis, Discussion, and Reconstruction, ed. Richard Freedman and Philippe Vendrix. Haverford College, Haverford, PA USA RECONSTRUCTIONS AND DYNAMIC EDITIONS
  • Orlando di Lasso, Les Meslanges d'Orlande de Lassus (Paris, 1576). Bibliothèque municipale, Orleans [Bibliotheques virtuelles humanistes]: Find It
  • Orlando di Lasso, Seven Penitential Psalms and Laudate Domine, prepared in lavish illumination for Bavarian Ducal Court. Bayerische Staatsbiblothek, Munich (two volumes): Find Volume 1 |  Find Volume 2
  • Luca Marenzio Il Primo libro di madrigali a quattro voci (Venice, 1587 edition). Bibliothèque nationale, Paris [Gallica]: Find It
  • Luca Marenzio Il primo libro di madrigali a quattro voci (Venice, 1587 edition). Bibliothèque nationale, Paris [Gallica]: Find It
  • Luca Marenzio, Il Primo libro di madrigali a cinque voci (Venice, 1580). Bavarian State Library, Munich  View Partbooks
  • Philippe Verdelot, Il Primo libro di madrigali a quattro voci (Venice, 1552 edition). Sibley Library, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY [IMSLP.org]: Find It
  • Claudio Merulo, Il Primo libro di madrigali (Venice, 1566). Bibliothèque nationale, Paris [Gallica]: Find It


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