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12: Improvisation

Digital Facsimiles of Ornamentation Manuals

  • Giovanni Luca Conforti, Breve et facile maniera d'essercitarsi a far passaggi (Rome, 1593). IMSLP.ORG: Find It
  • Diego Ortiz, Trattado de Glosas (Rome, 1553). National Library of Spain, Madrid [IMSLP.org]: Find It
  • Sylvestro Ganassi, Regola Rubertina (Venice, 1542). [IMSLP.org]: Find It
  • Sylvestro Ganassi, Opera intitule fontegara (Venice, 1535). [IMSLP.org]: Find It


  • Catherine Motuz (Sackbut) and Rona Nadler (organ), improvised variations on La Spagna (basse danse melody), in performance at McGill University Watch It
  • Pedro Sousa Silva (Recorder) playing Giovanni Bassano's Ricercata Quarta, from Bassano, Ricercate, Passaggi et Cadencie (Venetia 1585), in performance at Conservatorio Profesional de Zaragoza Watch It


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