These pages assemble various resources to accompany Richard Freedman's Music in the Renaissance (W.W. Norton, 2012), part of Norton's Western Music in Context series, Walter Frisch, General Editor.
  • Select the Chapter links at the left to find links to digital resources, exhibitions, and facsimiles.
  • The Chapter links also include bibliographies of articles and books likely to be of use in classroom discussion (they also include links to JSTOR and WORLDCAT records for these sources).
  • Each chapter page also includes a link to a Study Sheet (in PDF format) containing all of the important names and terms discussed there, along with a listing of related pieces from the Anthology for Music in the Renaissance (ed. Richard Freedman; W.W. Norton, 2012) and related source documents from Strunk's Source Readings in Music History (W.W. Norton). You can also find a link to all of the Study Sheets at the left.
  • The Sound Recordings link is keyed to the accompanying Anthology for Music in the Renaissance. Here you will find excellent recordings available through iTunes, Amazon.com, and Naxos Music Library. I also list the WorldCat entry for each sound recording, so you can find them in your local library.
  • Digital Portals for Early Music offer some interesting collections and finding tools.
Various colleagues have reviewed Music in the Renaissance, offering some useful perspectives on how to use it in courses, and for personal study:
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