Who We Are 

Havar Incorporated is a private non-profit corporation operating in both Athens, Meigs and Washington Counties in Ohio. Since it's incorporation in 1972, Havar has provided community-based support to citizens who have developmental disabilities.

Our miniature golf equipment rental with the support of the Athens City Arts, Parks and Recreation Department is an important part of our Employment Services Program for people with disabilities.

You can learn more about our programs and fundraising efforts at


All proceeds benefit people who have Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Our Original Partner

The Athens Area Mediation Service

is a nonprofit organization that provides the residents of Athens County with
cooperative approaches to dispute resolution.
As such, AAMS is dedicated to promoting and supporting reconciliation, integrity, openness and inclusion. In addition, by training community members to serve as mediators and sharing these skills with others, AAMS empowers individuals and community groups to respond to conflict effectively.


All donations are shared by our two agencies to benefit Athens County Citizens.

The True Story

(with every disclaimer possible)

It all began with a visit from a friend from the North West Coast of the United States and a walk with Capt. Sniffy. (the Dog) If you had seen the South Side Miniature Golf Course in the fall of 2007 you would understand. No one seems to know when the first four holes disappeared. And if the story holds out, somewhere between five and ten years ago a Boy Scouts of America troop were the last ones to carpet the course. It was in terrible disrepair to say the least.

And so it was suggested by this visitor to the directors of Havar and AAMS, who happened to be walking a dog named Captain Sniffy, that someone should fix the course up. Simple enough. So people began talking and more people began meeting. Then people began asking and people began giving. And all these people put(t) people first and so more people began showing up and pouring cement and laying green, and red and blue carpet. Other people started building and decorating until on May 3, 2008, a whole lot of people came and played miniature golf and had so much fun they couldn't believe it. It was so fun that the social anthropology department at some college determined that there are two kinds of people in the world ....those who are crazy about miniature golf and, those who are going to be. Which one are you? Why not come and play one round and find out?