We'd love to share with you some of the great learning and fun activities that are happening in our classrooms.

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                 Each class page will be updated at least once a week and will include examples of work the students are currently doing, along with photos and explanations of what's happening.
Today's Notices:

20th November   

Senior Girls Choiand Middle Choir   come to the music room after  lunch eating today please

Mrs Coutts is away today
Tuesday  21st November
Good luck to a team attending a hockey tournament today.

A bike was found by a local resident outside their property. They have put it away for safe keeping. If anyone has lost a bike within the last few days please come and see Mrs Franklin.

Zach and Joe to the Music Room at 12.30 (with lunch)

The Exploding Emus to the Music Room at 12.30
Wednesday 22nd NovemberTomorrow could the Rms 16/17/18 Orchestra please come to the hall no later than 8.30. Help is needed at 8.00 to shift all the instruments into the hall so anyone from any of the groups please come to the hall at this time. Thank you.

Middle School Choir plus any interested YEAR 3s...come to Room 7 after lunch eating.

Thursday 23rd NovemberMrs Bayer using hall from 2- 3pm today with junior school speakers for show.

Drama club in Room 12 straight after lunch eating! :)
Coding club see you in R17 after lunch eating.
Music groups sharing- in the hall from 9.10 am today.
Friday 24th November
All senior school students can wear house coloured t-shirts, black shorts and sports shoes to school today for the sports exchange v Belmont Primary.
Those going to Belmont be ready at 10.40 am.

All interschool athletics forms to be returned to Mr Pipes in Room 18 by Monday please.

Coding club see you in R17 after lunch eating.

Senior Sports exchange today, Middle Block v Belmont.

No Rock and Roll Choir or John and Johnettes

 Room 0
Mrs Burson and Mrs MacDonald

Room 1 

Mrs Gamby
 Room 2

Mrs Milicich and Mrs Hawkins
 Room 3

 Mrs Ferguson


 Room 6

Miss Rickard

Mrs Saelmans
Room 8

Mrs Barker
 Room 9

Mrs Green
 Room 10

Miss  Calder

Mrs Devine
 Room 12

Miss Jones
Room 13 
Mrs McCutcheon and Mrs George
 Room 14

Mr Ashley
Room 15
Room 16 
Miss Graveson
Room 17
Mrs Golightly and Mrs Gillies
Room 18 
Mr Pipes and Mrs Smuts

Mrs Ryder and  Mrs  
Mrs Coutts



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