If Today's Notices:
Monday / Rahina 26 September/Hepetema

Public Holiday

Middles and Seniors please bring a pencil, rubber, ruler and something to lean on to Music classes this week.

Tuesday/Ratu 27 September/Hepetema

Kei te kapua te rā/today is cloudy

Please note that Miss Callinan will not be at school today or probably for the next few days so all her groups should stay in their classroom until further notice. Mrs Franklin

Spring netball
Could all Year 2-6 students who signed up for spring netball please meet Miss Meiklejohn at the start of morning tea in Room 13 to collect your netball notices. Bring your morning tea with you.
Thanks :-)

All Gymnastic team 
Year 5&6 and Year 3&4
Please bring your lunch to Room 9 at 12:30pm for a fun gymnastic celebration

Please remember to return your gymnastic form to Mrs Bright

Please remember that if you are at school before 8:30 you must go and wait under the covered area of the hall unless you are part of an organised sports practise. Do not loiter around on the courts or in front of the classrooms.


Rock Group tomorrow (Mr Ramsay will not be here on Friday)
Wednesday/Raāpa 28 September/Hepetema

Kei te kapua te rā/ today is cloudy
YEAR 5/6 BOYS and GIRLS - If you are interested in playing cricket for the school in a field day next term please come to the green court at 12.30 pm with your lunch

Room 13 would like to use the library at 9.45-10.30am in the free spot this morning. Thank you :-)

Rock Group today at 12.45. 

Anyone who drew or coloured in Porridge posters and would like to keep them as a memento please come and collect from Mrs Franklin's office today.

There are still some netball, hockey and water dragon sports uniforms not returned. Please get them back by tomorrow at the latest to Mrs Franklin.
Thursday/ Rapare 29 September/ Hepetema

Could any Year 5s and Year 6s who are interested in being in the Year 5 Orchestra or Year 6 Orchestra please come to the Music Room at 8.30.

All Year 5/6 cricket players return your notices to Mr Pipes. 

Friday/ Ramere 30 September/Hepetema

Kei te paki te rā/ today is sunny
Last day of term
Happy holidays

ALL cricket players Year 5 and 6 come to the field today at lunchtime. All notices to Mr Pipes by today.

The seniors would like the hall/green courts (weather dependent) this pm please

For those playing touch in term 4, your coaches will be sending emails to your parents with information about the games for next term. Uniforms will be given out the first day next term.

No music today

NO ROCK GROUP TODAY (Rock Group will be on Wednesday lunchtime next week and then resume on Friday lunchtimes in the Fourth Term)

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