What's New in the Library

Elementary and High School Link

Accelerated Reading Website - Click on this link to access the website where we take Accelerated Reading tests.

Testing times are restricted to weekdays from 7:00 am until 4:30 pm.


AR Book Find - Look up information on Accelerated Reading books without logging in. You can find out the reading level, how many points it is worth, and how many stars other readers gave it.

High School and Public Links

MackinVIA - Add free books to your eReader, Kindle, Nook, etc from this website. You need to obtain your login and password from one of the librarians.    https://mackinVIA.com

What Should I Read Next - Find suggestions for your next book! Use this website to find titles similar to the book you just finished and enjoyed. This website includes other books by the author as well as similar books and authors.

ODIN- Look up books in our library. The Hatton library is already selected for when you search.

Fantastic Fiction - Look up books by your favorite authors, find the order of series, find when the next book in a series comes out, etc.

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