Wednesday, Sept. 21 (14 / 166)

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AP Biology:   Essay test is tomorrow.
                     Review pp 18-24 in Cliff's Notes and 77-89 in the textbook.
Biology C:     Read sections 7.1 and 7.2.  Fill in the Study Guide as you read.
                     Click for PowerPoint:  Cells
Biology D:     Test tomorrow.  Finish up your Lab Report with graph.
                     Click for PowerPoints: 
                     Food pH LabScavenger Hunt ReviewEnzymes, Jeopardy

Chemistry:    No HW.
                     Click for PowerPoint:  Bohr Model Lab
                     Click for Handout:  Bohr Model Lab                 

Physics:        Read section 4.1.  Do problems 6-12 on pp 68-69.
                     Check your answers in the back of the book (pg 660).