Wednesday, October 25

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Day 39
50 days left in the semester
119 until the AP Bio exam
128 until seniors graduate
141 days left in the school year

AP Biology (A-block):  
Meiosis test part 2 tomorrow.

AP Biology (B-block):  
No HW.

Chemistry (E):  
Give me an informal write-up for today's lab, giving the following data:
1. Initial mass of Mg.
2. Final mass of Mg-O compound.
3. Color of Mg-O compound.
4. Predicted mass of MgO and of MgO2.
5. % error.
Also, if you haven't already, try problems 7-11 on page 217.  Check your answers in the back of the book on page 926.

Chemistry Honors:  
No new HW.

Anatomy (F):  
Tomorrow we dissect the pigs' knees.
Here are links to videos we did not finish today:
Animated training video for surgeons.
Live ACL reconstructive surgery.