Wednesday, October 11

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Day 29, 151 to go.  129 school days until the AP Bio exam.

AP Biology (A-block):  
Test tomorrow on Photosynthesis.  Essay and the Lab Report are also due tomorrow.
(PSAT is on Wednesday).

AP Biology (B-block):  
Test tomorrow on Photosynthesis.

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Chemistry (E):  
Test next week will cover:
--waves & particles
--scientific notation
--s, p, d, and f orbitals
--one extra credit question about dot diagrams

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Chemistry Honors:  
Read the articles on nuclear disasters and answer questions on the worksheet.
You can watch a half-hour documentary about Fukushima here.

Anatomy (F):  
Test tomorrow on the pelvis and leg bones as well as the spine and the skull.
Page 241 in your textbook shows an excellent diagram of the three bones of the pelvis, and makes a good guide for using your coloring packet to study.