Tuesday, Sept. 27 (18/162)

posted Sep 27, 2016, 6:42 AM by pbishop@hatfieldps.net   [ updated Sep 27, 2016, 11:32 AM ]
AP Biology:   Test Friday on chapters 6 & 7 (text) and chapter 3 (Cliffs).
                        Click for PowerPoints:  Cells, A More Detailed Tour, Membranes
                        Click for Crash Course:  Biological Molecules
                        Click for Khan Academy:  Parts of a Cell, Membranes and Transport

Biology C:     Your re-test will be on Friday.
                        Click for PowerPoint: 
Biology D:     Your re-test will be on Thursday.
                        Click for PowerPoint:  Cells.

Chemistry:    Test Friday on chapter 5.
                        Click for PowerPoints:
                        Light Waves, Light Particles, Electrons are Waves, Filling the Seats.
                        Click for videos:
                        Orbitals, More on Orbitals, Quantum Numbers and Orbitals,
                        Scientific Notation (Bozeman)

Honors:         Choose four elements at random and list the four Quantum numbers for the highest-energy electron.

Physics:         Finish your practice test.  Real test on acceleration is Friday.