Tuesday, Feb 28 (107 / 73)

posted Feb 28, 2017, 11:31 AM by pbishop@hatfieldps.net
AP Biology: 
Two essays that were due today are actually due on Thursday.  (This is why.).
Biology C: 

Read all of chapter 26.
Answer questions 4 & 5 on page 667and questions 4 & 5 on page 675.
Biology D: 
No HW.
Problems 30-32 on page 621.
Honors Chem:  
If you haven't done it yet, calculate the predicted voltage for Cu+Pb, Pb+Al, and Al+Cu.
Problems 11-13 and 1.1-1.4 on page 457.
You can click links to see the first and second PowerPoints for this chapter.