Thursday, Novenber 16

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Day 53
36 days left in the semester
104 until the AP Bio exam
114 until seniors graduate
127 days left in the school year

AP Biology (A-block):  
Test on chapters 16 & 17 (M.C. + essay) on Friday.

AP Biology (B-block):  
Test on chapters 16 & 17 (M.C. + essay) on Tuesday.

The picture I had on the board came from here.
Vocabulary Sheets can be downloaded here.
I strongly recommend watching the following Videos:

Chemistry (E):  
Jeopardy tomorrow, test on Monday.
You may want to watch some very useful Khan Academy videos.

Chemistry Honors:  
Read chapter 4 of Atmosphere, Climate, and Change and answer questions in the packet as you read.

Anatomy (F):  
Quiz tomorrow (labeling a picture) on section III of the study guide.
Note: Epicardium is the same as pericardium.
Coronary arteries, SA node, and AV node will not be on the quiz.