Thursday, May 4

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Day 147 of the school year.
33 school days left, 16 for seniors, 1 until the AP Bio exam.

AP Biology:
No HW.
Biology C: 
Read section 39.3 (pp 1009-1015) and look at questions 2, 4, 5, and "Making Connections."
Biology D:  
No HW.
Try problems 30-31 on page 512.  Quiz Monday on ∆H of reactions.
Here are some videos of different teachers presenting the same information that I have been covering lately.  Watch as many or a few of them as you find helpful:
Crash Course #17 - Energy & Chemistry (9.25 min)
Crash Course #18 - Enthalpy (11.23 min)
Crash Course #19 - Calorimetry (11.56 min)
Bozeman Science - Enthalpy of Reaction (8.02 min)
Professor Dave Explains - Heats of Reaction (4.57 min)
Ben's Chem Videos - Standard Enthalpy of Reaction (17.48)

Honors Chem:  

If you haven't yet taken the quiz on cyclic alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes, you might want to watch one or more of the following videos and then come to me with questions:
This week we are just working on our electronics projects.