Thursday, June 1

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Day 166 of the school year.  14 school days left.

AP Biology: 
Calculate NPP, GPP, and R in g/L/day.  (Conversion units are on pg 137 of the packet.)  The calculate the oxygen saturation in each of the three samples using the nomogram on pg 139.
Biology C: 
Test tomorrow.  Click link for the Quizlet.
Biology D: 
Read "The Inevitable Climate Catastrophe" and answer the discussion questions on the back page.
Everyone:  Read sections 25.1 and 25.2 and try problems 6-9 on page 814.
Catch-up work:  Watch the Crash Course videos on Energy, Enthalpy, Calorimetry, and Entropy. Then read section 16.1 in the textbook and try problems 4-6 on page 495.
No HW.