Thursday, April 13

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Day 137 of the school year.
43 school days left, 26 for seniors, 11 until the AP Bio exam.

AP Biology: 
Essay test tomorrow about the Operon Hypothesis.  You should read "Regulation of Gene Expression" in the Cliff's Notes book (pp 137-140) to prepare. 
If you watch any of the following videos, I would suggest starting with the Amoeba Sisters and then going to either Bozeman or Khan Academy.  If you want still more, try any of the others, but they will all say basically the same thing, just organized a little differently.

The Amoeba Sisters (Operons begin 2 minutes into this 6-minute video.)
Khan Academy (10:09)
Gerry Bergtrom (11:42)  This one is a bit more technical.
Biology C: 
Test tomorrow on the neuron, parts of the brain, and parts of the eye. 
Quizlet is available here.
PowerPoints are available by clicking on the following links:
How Neurons Work
The Brain Central Nervous System
Biology D: 
Enjoy your break and come back safe!
Test tomorrow on specific heat and heats of vaporization and fusion.  Standard enthalpies of formation will NOT be on the test.  Questions 7 and 12 were answered incorrectly on the answer key I gave you yesterday.  Click here for the problem sheet  and here for the corrected corrected answer key.
Honors Chem:  
Those of you who missed the test on naming alkanes will want to make it up. 
Read pages 697-705 in the textbook and try problems 1-7 on pg 705.
Click here for the PowerPoint
Use your group's data to do the calculations in your lab packet.
Click here for the tone generator.