Monday, May 1

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Day 144 of the school year.
36 school days left, 19 for seniors, 4 until the AP Bio exam.

AP Biology:
Practice AP Exam tomorrow.  Click here for my strategy guide.
Biology C: 
No HW.  Tomorrow we start on the reproductive system.
Biology D:  
No HW.  Tomorrow we start on the reproductive system.
Try problems 30-31 on page 512.  Quiz later this week on ∆H of reactions.
Here are some videos of different teachers presenting the same information that I have been covering lately.  Watch as many or a few of them as you find helpful:
Crash Course #17 - Energy & Chemistry (9.25 min)
Crash Course #18 - Enthalpy (11.23 min)
Crash Course #19 - Calorimetry (11.56 min)
Bozeman Science - Enthalpy of Reaction (8.02 min)
Professor Dave Explains - Heats of Reaction (4.57 min)
Ben's Chem Videos - Standard Enthalpy of Reaction (17.48)
Lab report is due Wednesday (not today)
because of the typo.  Please note that 1kJ = 1000 J, not the other way around.

Honors Chem:  
Quiz tomorrow on cyclic alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes.
Read pages 330-332 and try practice problems 1-5.