Monday, March 6

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Day 111 of the school year.
69 school days left, 53 for seniors, 38 until the AP Bio exam.
AP Biology: 
Test tomorrow.  Essay on evolutionary adaptations of the different phyla.
An excellent way to review is to watch three Hank Greene videos:
Simple Animals: Sponges, Jellies, & Octopuses
Complex Animals: Annelids & Arthropods
Please note: the multiple choice test on ecology has been postponed.
Biology C: 
Read section 27.4 and answer questions on page 708.
Biology D: 
Read section 27.4 and answer questions on page 708.
Read section 19.3 and answer Practice Questions 20 & 21.
Unlike my usual homework practice, this time I want you to turn in your work.
Honors Chem:  
If you haven't done it yet, calculate the predicted voltage for Cu+Pb, Pb+Al, and Al+Cu.
Review the Current Electricity Warm-up.  Answers are here.  Come on Tuesday with questions.
Continue putting together a shopping list for me.