Monday, Jan. 9 (80 / 100)

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AP Biology:  
Vocab quiz tomorrow during X1.
Late essays are having one point (out of ten) deducted each day.  Please do turn in something, even if it's not your best work, to avoid having a zero.

Biology C & D: 
Follow this link to Getting Into the Fossil Record and then select Level 2.
Answer discussion questions as you go through the activity.  Then try the review questions at the end of the activity.  Any of these questions may show up on the test.
Click to jump directly to the Discussion Questions or the Review Questions.
when you are done with the activity, you can watch a short video about Lucy and another one about becoming a fossil.
Practice questions for Wednesday's test can be found here.

Answer questions 1-7 on the second handout, "Understanding the Moles and Coefficients Lab."

Honors Chem:  
Read section 21.1 in your textbook and try problems 1-7 on page 671.

Try problems 29-32 on page 215.  Quiz tomorrow with similar problems.