Friday, Jan. 27 (92 / 88)

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AP Biology:  
Your weekend essay will get full credit if turned in on Tuesday.
-1 point on Wednesday, -2 points on Thursday, -3 points on Friday, etc.
Pages to focus on: 
Cliffs pp 192-195. 
A. Evolution, textbook pg 1012. 
B. Skip part B. 
C. Response to stimulus, textbook pg 1013. 
Parts of neuron, textbook pg 1014. 
Action potential, textbook pg 1018. 
Parts of the brain, textbook pp 1028-1032.

Biology C: 
Test on taxonomy will be Monday.

Biology D: 
Test on taxonomy will be Monday.

Redox Quiz on Monday.

Honors Chem:  
Watch Hank Green on Electrochemistry.

Problems 1-4 on page 427.