Friday, Feb 10 (100 / 80)

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AP Biology: 
Answer the questions on the back page of the Drosophila genetics packet.
Also complete the workbook packet "How is mammalian heart structure related to function?'  (Full credit if I get it by Monday.)

Biology C: 

Lab Monday, Jeopardy Tuesday, Test Wednesday, Lab Friday.
Biology D: 
Lab Monday, Jeopardy Tuesday, Test Wednesday, Lab Thursday.
Practice Problems 19 and 20 on pages 611 and 612.
Honors Chem:  
Tuesday we will look at chemical batteries.
Static Electricity Quiz, part 2 on Tuesday.  Do problems 371, 373, 374, 383, and 395 from the sheet of practice problems.  Come it with questions on Tuesday if any of them stump you.
Click here for the equation sheet.
You can also click to watch Crash Course videos about Electric Charge, Electric Fields, or Voltage, Electrical Energy, and Capacitors.