Friday, April 14

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Day 138 of the school year.
42 school days left, 25 for seniors, 10 until the AP Bio exam.

AP Biology:
Spend the vacation curled up with your Cliff's Notes book.
Go through the list of topics and identify the ones you most need to review.
Also look through the Review Questions.
Biology C: 
Enjoy your break and come back safe!
Biology D: 
Enjoy your break and come back safe!
Enjoy your break and don't set fire to anything.
Honors Chem:  
Those of you who missed the test on naming alkanes will want to make it up. 
Read pages 697-705 in the textbook and try problems 1-7 on pg 705.
Click here for the PowerPoint
Use your group's data to do the calculations in your lab packet.
Click here for the tone generator.