Welcome to The Hearing and Speech Agency's (HASA's) Volunteer Program homepage; we are delighted that you have taken an interest in making a difference in your community through our organization. 

Volunteers are vital to helping HASA fulfill its mission to serve the community. There are several ways to get involved in the Volunteer Program at HASA. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or if you have questions about the Volunteer Program, please follow this link to get started.

Again, thank you for your interest in The Hearing and Speech Agency; it is your support and generosity that gives clients and students the opportunity to grow and excel.

Clear and effective communication is a necessity; there is a compelling need to understand and to be understood. HASA supports and facilitates individual choice in how to communicate. Our audiology, education, interpreting and speech-language services enable effective communication for individuals and families.


The Hearing and Speech Agency is looking for individuals who can, in their own time, work to promote the organization on social media. This would include commenting on posts, sharing posts and photos, and mentioning the organization in their own social media. 

The Hearing and Speech Agency is looking for individuals to lend their unique voices and perspectives to HASA's blog. This would include selecting a topic, writing a 4-5 paragraph blog post, and working with the Communications & Community Engagement Manager to ensure the content is relevant to HASA's mission.

The Hearing and Speech Agency is look for individuals to fundraise for the organization. This may involve sharing our fundraising webpages on social media, setting up peer-to-peer fundraising accounts through our pages, hosting your own events and donating the proceeds to the organization, and more. For your fundraising kit, please email hasa@hasa.org.

Hours: Any

The Hearing and Speech Agency is looking for an individual with experience in technology to help with the monthly Hearing Loss Association of America – Greater Baltimore chapter meetings. The volunteer would help with the set-up and take down of presentations, including projectors, microphones, and screens.
Hours: 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. | Thursdays (dates vary by month)

The Clinic  at HASA is looking for individuals with professional experience in speech language pathology or related fields to work with clients over the phone to provide support, gather feedback about HASA services, and connect clients with other providers of critical services. It is preferred that this volunteer be a speech-language pathologist or have comparable experience. If you have even an hour to give, please consider becoming a link between clients and effective care as a Client Support Specialist.
Hours: Flexible | Monday - Friday

The Hearing and Speech Agency Development & Communications Department is looking for someone with videography/photography skills to help take pictures, create videos, and develop marketing materials.
Hours: Flexible | Monday - Friday

Gateway School at The Hearing and Speech Agency is looking for a volunteer art therapist or teacher to work with our Gateway students. This volunteer should be patient and comfortable working with children in special education. 
Hours: Flexible | Monday - Friday

Gateway School at The Hearing and Speech Agency is looking for a volunteer to support in the classroom. Volunteers will assist in daily classroom tasks under guidance from teachers and staff. This volunteer should have an interest in working with children and be comfortable in a special education setting. 
Hours: Flexible | Monday - Friday


Please note: 
Because we have a school on our campus, we are required to obtain a criminal background check and negative PPD test results on all volunteer applicants. The fee for these is the responsibility of the volunteer applicant. Please refer to the U.S. Department of Education's State Regulation of Private Schools for more information.

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