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Faculty Meetings

Goal for first 3 meetings of the 2011 school year:

Participants know:
  • Whole-school rubric building process directly tied to digital portfolio expectations
  • Rubrics for HGEs will support valid/reliable assessments and will help clarify common expectations for each HGE

Participants understand:
  • The HGE rubrics are meant to be used by all faculty/staff/students to help students understand how to meet the expectations for each HGE, BUT teachers are not responsible to teach and assess all HGEs.  This is a whole-community effort.
  • Each rubric can be "adapted" to each learning situation (i.e. teacher might only use one or two of the descriptors for the specific project).
  • Students will need to show through gathering of assessments, artifacts (papers, videos, presentations, volunteering) in their digital portfolio that they have met the HGEs in order to graduate.

Participants can do:
  • Collaboratively write a draft of a rubric for their assigned HGE

How will the CC facilitate meeting these goals?

First meeting:

Ellen - email to CC to share link to site along with pdf of action plan (emphasize the notes as drafted notes and work plan is in progress0

1.  Open up CC Digital Portfolios site - Screencast Instructions on How to Navigate

2.  Introduce summer work by sharing Resource Packets - break into groups to "unpack"  and be clear what is in there (Matt and Sarah)
  • blank rubric
  • suggested protocol
  • rubric of what a good rubric looks like
  • examples of rubrics

3.  Plan our 1st faculty meeting:

*Pick out one HGE and ask faculty to provide example of work from their class (unearth something already being done)?
  (why? to help each RRG reacquaint themselves with the rubric and share a common understanding of what the HGE might look like in practice, school-wide)

*Visual of collection of student work? (example from Prezi)  (why?  understand what a portfolio might be made up of in terms of "artifacts" and "performances")

*PPT slide from Mt. Hope? (teacher-approved, student-selected from class, student-selected outside of class)
(why?  reinforce that the portfolio is built from a menu of learning opportunities within and outside the walls of the school)

*RRGs familiarize themselves with HGE Packets and understand task.  (why?  clarify the task ahead before jumping in)

*Have Parking Lot newsprint set up next to Library Exit for comments/questions/clarifications as faculty leave.
(why?  collect feedback for future improvements and assess need for further support)

*Ice Cream Sundae building time to reinforce parts of the portfolio?

2nd meeting:

3rd meeting: