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BIOLOGY 1 Credit
(Grade 10)

This biology course addresses modern concepts in life
science. Topics of study include: biochemistry, cell biology,
heredity, evolution, and animal structure and function. The
successful completion of an Earth Science course with
ecology is recommended
Student Expectations: AL, EC, CR, CT, PS, SC

(Grade 10)

This course is a more detailed and rigorous presentation of modern 
concepts in life science.  Topics include biochemistry, cell
biology, diversity of life, structure and function of plants and
animals, ecological principles, genetics, DNA technology, 
evolution, and disease.  The successful completion of an 
Integrated Science course is important for understanding 
many biological concepts.  In addition, students apply
scientific methods through completion of their original investigation.
Student Expectations: AL, EC, CR, CT, PS, PC

(Grade 12)

Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry
This course is the equivalent of a two-semester college introductory
biology course and is designed to prepare students for the AP
Biology exam.  The course will provide students with the conceptual 
framework for modern biology, factual knowledge, an appreciation 
of science as a process, and the analytical skills necessary to deal
critically with the rapidly changing science of biology.  The three
general areas that will be represented are Molecules and Cells, 
Heredity and Evolution, and Organisms and Populations.  A great
deal of emphasis will be placed on laboratory experience.  Lab work
encourages higher-order thinking, the development of important
skills such as detailed observation, accurate recording, experimental
design, manual manipulation, data interpretation, statistical analysis,
and operation of technical equipment.  Laboratory assignments
offer the opportunity for students to learn about problem solving,
the scientific method, the techniques of research, and the use
of scientific literature.
Student Expectations: AL, EC, CR, CT, PS, PC