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Welcome to the wonderful world of Business/Information Technology which includes Computer Concepts 1, Accounting 1 and 2, Business Management, and Personal Finance.  By adhering to the following simple rules and expectations, you will be successful in this class.   I look forward to an exciting, wonderful year! 

Classroom Expectations:

Students will come to class prepared to learn and will participate in class activities and discussions.

Students are required to bring all necessary materials to class.  The following items are required daily for Personal Finance, Accounting, and Business Management:

  • writing utensil, specifically a pencil for Accounting
  • completed homework
  • notebook for daily notes
  • 2-inch three-ring binder for assignments, handouts, quizzes, review sheets, etc.
  • pocket folder for homework assignments
  • calculator for basic calculations (scientific calculator not necessary)

Students are expected to take ownership of their own learning by taking all assignments seriously and completing them on time.  If a student has difficulties with the assignment or is unable to complete the classroom assignment(s) in the time allotted, extra time will be provided either before school or after school within a reasonable amount of time.  If a student has difficulty with the homework assignment, s/he should see me before school or at the very beginning of class for extra help.

If a student is absent from class, s/he is responsible for obtaining the information missed and making up the work in a timely fashion.  Either contact a classmate or contact me by email ( to get the homework assignment.  Homework assignments are expected to be submitted at the beginning of class. 

Behavioral Expectations:
    R –> Respect your peers, the instructor, and yourselves by acting in an appropriate manner.
    E –> Be Eager to learn.
    S –> Use Self-discipline and remain focused on the lessons.
    P –> Exhibit Perseverance by pursuing learning with determination and patience even when confronted with difficulties.
    E –> Exercise your brain.
    C –> Be Courteous of those around you.
    T –> Be responsible for completing assignments in a Timely fashion.

Educational Background/Experience:
  • BS in Secondary Education/Business from Trinity College, Burlington, VT, 1981-1985
  • Typing Instructor, Knapp College of Business, Tacoma, WA, 1985-1986
  • Business Teacher, Provincetown High School, Provincetown, MA, 1986-2007
  • Business/Information Technology Teacher, Harwich High School, Harwich, MA, 2007-Present
Extracurricular assignments have included Cheerleading Coach, Yearbook Business Advisor, Class Advisor, and Basketball Clock/Scorekeeper.

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