Latin Course Syllabus


Latin I-IV

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Welcome to the exciting world of Latin.  You are in for a truly rewarding experience.  Contrary to the oft-repeated remark that Latin is a "dead" language, it is in fact more "alive" today than it ever was in Julius Caesar's time.  More about this later.


Whether you are beginning your first year of Latin or continuing, you will find that Latin is always relevant, meaningful, and useful for your academic achievement and your own personal life.  As you embark on this journey, you will learn not only the basics of English through Latin, but also the myriad of ways that Roman and Greek civilization continues to influence our culture today.  Movies like Rocky, The Odyssey, Gladiator, and Dead Poets Society offer key entry points for exploring and drawing comparisons to this ancient civilization—for example, the concept of the hero, the idea of carpe diem, the entertainment complex, and the philosophy of stoicism are just as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago.


                          I.      Materials Required

V         Covered textbook

V         Separate notebook with folder or three-ring binder for notes and handouts

V         Writing utensil


                       II.      Assignments

V         All assignments are due on the announced dates

V         Late assignments will be graded a zero

V         Partial assignments will be given partial credit based upon how much has been completed.

                     III.      Make-ups 

V         Students who have an excused absence on the day of an announced test or quiz should expect to make up that test or quiz on the day they return.

V         For extended absences, make-up work will be arranged with the teacher

                    IV.      Grading Policy (percentages are approximate)

V         70%           Tests, quizzes, and projects

V         20%          Class participation—is graded on a daily basis

V         10%           Class work and homework will be graded on a random basis


If you encounter any difficulties with the course, please don't hesitate to speak with me to develop strategies for you to be more successful.



Latin Texts for Summer Reading


Latin I-1V:     
     1.         Wheelock’s Latin Grammar is an excellent introduction and review text for all Latin students. 
                 It has plenty of review exercises and advanced grammar for the upper level students.


2.                  Any grammar review found in a bookstore would also serve the student well: it doesn’t have to be the one recommended above.

3.                  Any book on the history of the Roman Empire is also recommended to give students background on the history we will be examining in the various levels.

4.                  Mythology texts on Roman and Greek gods would also be helpful.